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Email re ideas March 5, 2005

Subject:  Gatherings with Kasha

If you are a fellow explorer-adventurer of life and all its forces, you may be interested in joining me for any of the Gatherings below.

Since last June when I found myself traveling at least part of this life's journey with cancer, I have been following a friend's advice and regularly asking myself: "What brings me energy?" and "What takes my energy away?" Something that always brings me happy, juicy energy (although I usually need to and enjoy taking time to recharge afterward), is getting together with people who enjoy chatting about, experiencing, and/or digging into the eclectic set of things I find interesting. I love our visits and the juicy things we talk about.

As some of you know, it has long been a dream of mine to open a retreat space somewhere along the coast. In my dream images, it includes a music area with drums, piano, etc. for making music alone or together; an art area with many different mediums available for people to gather and create art; an organic garden for people who love to get their hands in the earth, to teach and/or learn about organics, sustainability, and gardening; a cafe for those who enjoy creating nurturing food for people who enjoy eating for body and soul; a library for reading, loaning, borrowing books; a dancing, movement, exercise space, and a big room for people to gather and talk, listen, provoke, join, catalyze, resolve, workshop/playshop together, etc.; a play area for children of all ages; and all this would be created using sustainable energy sources, etc. to allow people to learn/teach about alternative environmental choices ... I have not yet brought together the resources to create this space -- this familiar, old, and wonderful dream of mine.

HOWEVER, I realized we could create part of that dream here in my home. We could set up regular times to gather for discussions. We could talk about books, eclectic topics, arrange to meditate, create art, make sound/music together ... there are so many ways for us to create fun and abundance and a place for growth and love together.

I will be creating a very simple, won't-take-up-much-of-my-energy webpage with a list of Gathering ideas which you can add to, a calendar so that you will know when we are discussing what, and a place to vote for topics/events that you are interested in, etc.

I feel that all this can be done in such a way that I will be able to keep myself in balance, continuing to increase my health and happiness. I know you will understand the need for and respect the limits that I personally will need to set up to facilitate this. There may be some limits that I discover through our experiences that I will add to the Gatherings webpage. There are going to be some Gatherings for which I will need to limit the number of people and length of time in order to manifest this idea in a way that will continue to bring energy to me and healing to my body, heart, mind, soul and energy. As soon as I can after hearing from anyone interested, I will let you know if the specific Gathering(s) you are interested in still have space remaining. If certain topics are very popular, I will be happy to consider multiple Gatherings about the same topic.

Specifically about the Thursday Night Gatherings, I'd like them to look something like this:

  • Come already having eaten dinner
  • My door will be open at 6:30pm
  • Discussion will start promptly at 7:00pm.
  • I will have a little 10 minute loosening-up/getting-juicy-fun thing to do
  • Then we will have a specific topic related to being in relationship with our self and with others.
  • We will have a break in the middle for fun, chatting, tea/drinks/snacks, break, wander outside to soak in the moon, stars, night breeze.
  • Evening ends about 9:45pm

Here are some other possibilities (above and beyond the Thursday Gatherings) for us to gather together and share our different ideas and expertise (some of the Gatherings I could facilitate, some could be facilitated by one of you, and some of them I know people we could invite to lead us). More ideas will be listed on the webpage. I will send the webpage address to everyone that requests to be included in the Gathering notifications. As I hear back from people with their ideas and interests, I will know more about which ones are preferred. For some of them, a small energy exchange (donation) might be suggested and, for something more formal, there may be a set fee asked for by the leader. However, most of these would just be us, getting together, sharing and listening, creating, laughing, learning, crying, supporting each other in a safe and benevolent space.

  • Different spiritual interests: Huna, Tao, etc.
  • Storytelling time: Skeleton Woman; Seal Skin, Soul Skin, The Red Hen and the Giant, whatever stories you would like to share.
  • Shamanic dreaming.
  • PEGGY BLACK can do sound healing:  April 7 or 14 open or May 12 or June 16...July 14  -- Let's discuss this as one of the first special Gatherings!
  • Toning, sound healing, brass and crystal bowls, tuning forks.
  • Intuitive Drawing.
  • Movement: Ecstatic Dance, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, etc.
  • Bodywork: Massage, energy, meridians, reflexology, aromatherapy, Rosen, etc.
  • Breathing life.
  • Creating art: collages, painting, poetry, writing, Sark, Robert Fritz, Eric Maisel, etc.
  • Focused series on our energy centers, on our five essences (mind, body, heart, soul, energy), on honoring the unknown and unknowable.
  • Watch a movie and follow-up discussion: What the Bleep Do We Know?, etc.
  • Teach each other meditations, visualizations that work for us.
  • Fun "spa day" for taking care of body and soul.
  • Creating energy spaces in and around your home, vehicle, body, workspace.
  • Books: Four Agreements, Taming your Gremlins, Crucial Conversations, etc.

Please let me know if you are interested in joining me for the Thursday Night Gathering this week and whether you'd like to come for both parts or only one. Also, if you'd like to send me the list of topics you are particularly interested in and your ideas, I'd love to hear from you. I am filled with deep joy a the possibilities and opportunities ahead in our Gatherings.

Much moonlight, Spring night, bird song, crickets' whispers love,



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