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About Kasha
before you leave
   you wrap me
      in your thick robe
   your scent woven
      within its texture

crossing it over my sea of Chi
          knotting the belt
   bringing the large
      soft collar up
         under my hair
    tugging it
  round my neck
up under my chin
  holding it there
         into my eyes
            to kiss me softly

all night long
    I wear your robe
        even to bed
    even as I sleep
I feel you
     surrounding me
I inhale your scent
    with every breath
        soul-permeating breaths
    mingling with memories
   of lambent kisses
  feeling your lips
              touch me
        even in my sleep
        even in my deepest dreams
             you hold me

in the morning
    I pull it tight
          around me
      into it
    reminding me
          of your embrace ...
wrapping your arms
    around me
        from behind
    pulling the weight of me
        onto your chest
    your breath
        on my nape
    your arms
        crossing over my heart
    your body's warmth
        caressing my back
rocking me a little
      in the cradle of your love





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