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About Kasha
           Balesh has invited me in
              to winter in her den

           settling down onto
              soft loamy earth
                the scent of ancient leaves
                 drifts around us in a
                    little zephyr of our making
                as we shift and skootch and
                      scratch a little
               as I snuggle back into the curve
                      of her belly her sleek soft fur
                 and cushion of fat
                    curl round me
           her warm moist breath
               flowing into the nape of my neck
                  wafting down the valley
                      between my shoulder blades
                          melting into my spine
           her arms embracing me
              my arms crossed over my heart
               hold her long-clawed paws
                  in my hands
               as our breathing becomes
                     one sensuous
                        single rhythm weeks later
               something pulls me out of a deep
                   silent sleep
               winter dreams fading off
                in the distance
                the pungent dark smell of rich iron
                                   of mother's blood
                        fills the air
           Balesh holds me tightly
              I feel her belly pulsing
               as she gruntingly
                       gives birth
           She breaths in deeply
              releases me with a lick to my neck,
                  leans down to lick her twins
                       one boy
                       one girl
           A new scent swirls in
              infusing us all
                      creamy sweet mother's milk
           the tiny wet twins urgently push me
                   out of their way
                  scrambling up to suckle
               at her resilient, strong nipples smiling inside
                  in a deep winter way
           I move to curl up to her back
               around her
                   and her poochy-tummied twins
           her fur against my breasts
              my breath flowing
                 warmly on her neck
                     swirling down
              around each brown hair

                   pressing my body against
               her broad soft back
           our breathing slows
              breath and hearts beating
                  in rhythm
               I drift off into a long winter sleep
           listening to her licking lullaby
               and the suckling of her cubs



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