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      They Are Bored

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          they are bored and this
                     is unfortunate

          what have we shown them about
             finding their passion
          about creating
                and serving
                        in ways brimming
                            with heartmeaning and

                 we relied on our religions to
                     provide the instructions
                of life
                       the step by steps
               to finding meaning
                         the answers
                  we would give
                   to those hard questions
                          our children pose

           now, in the place of abandoned
                  doctrines and dogmas,
                              we are needed

          silently they plead for our guidance
              as they stumble,
            lost in the soupy fog of
                foreverWinter lives
                       eyes glazed
                              with ghostly gray
              dark deep depression
                 settling in
                      lethargically sprawled
                   on our couches
                       waiting uncertainly
                             for Spring

       taking the edge off
              by becoming mindlost
         in videogames and teeeveeee
              in drugs, drinking

             in their discontented dreaming
             they call to us
                  in their fermenting frustration
           their souls cry out
               and what response do they receive?
         only their own echoing voices
              returned to them
                     bouncing back
            from surrounding fogwalls
                      everyone around them

           it feels hopeless
                           and ...

            please, they silently ask,
                    give me reason to care
                          reason to try
                   something to help me
                           understand who I am
                                    what gifts I bring
                               how I fit in
                           why I am here

           they are sincere
           their questions are from their hearts
                   and this
                          is fortunate



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