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About Kasha

in the ebb and flow
of afterglow
     I thank you,
          as I always love to do

"Why," you ask,
     "do you always say thank you
    after we make love?"

And I answer with grateful heart . . .

     when our bodies merge
          in lovemaking
     we enter a sacred space
I thank you for traveling
      as my companion
            in that realm

I thank you for celebrating
       with me our coming together
   our trust in each other
our playfulness
      and the deep love
we feel

I thank you for touching me
    with intention and attention,
        with tenderness beyond compare
I often find myself transported
       to places of depth
   just by your touch

I thank you for allowing me
to touch you
     to affect you
         for trusting me enough
to allow yourself
     to sink into responsiveness
   for allowing me
      to bring you

                      Thank you, my love.



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