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         Suspended Blue Ocean

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About Kasha

A suspended blue ocean
  is the night sky
full of fishstars
     and white dolphin planets

inviting us, just you and me,
  to dive in
     to swim its length
         and breadth
                and depth

      floating, soaring
  buoyed by the heartsongs
      flowing between us
we accept the invitation
   to explore

     shivering with each new discovery
  our eyes twinkling so brightly
that those watching the ocean sky
    believe they have discovered
                  a new constellation

as the white whale moon
   sails across the sea sky
dolphins dance in its sparkling spray
       joining the chorus of our hearts

                you reach out
           softly stroking my skin
        until it shimmers with stardust
     and shines in the moonbeams

we drift slowly in the current
   lifted gently onto the sandy shore
      by the long fingers
         of the rippling waves,
we fall softly into the deep sleep
    only known by travelers
           of Neptune's ocean deep



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