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About Kasha

I was a dashing young man
   wearing black leather boots up to my calves
     a royal blue velvet suit
        a black velvet hat
         with a flamboyant royal blue feather
     swinging freely over my shoulders.

I loved a pretty young woman
    cherished her
Her white-pink-soft shoulders
    translucent filmy orangy-pink gowns
       the braid of gold ribbon
          she wore in her red hair.

My heart was always with her
    in the midst of my revelries
       and my battles.

I hazily remember when our children
      were tiny new beings
She remembers them better
    speaking softly
       as she sits in front of the fire now
           her long silver hair tied back
               in a royal blue bow

  Remember when, she says
Remember when Melody was so tiny,
    her pudgy little hands
    barely fit around my finger --
    yet her grip, her strength,
        was magnificent . . .
   And her tiny smile
      held the entire cosmos within it.
   I spent my every moment of
      their childhood
   in complete awe
         of the simplest things.

And I would be remembering, yes
       but my images of the
       children were blurry,
           fuzzy . . .
What I could see,
  was the look on her face
     the fire-stars
        twinkling in her eyes
  the love pouring
     from her heart
   through her fingers
as she caressed their faces.

Her soft voice
    full of tinkling chimes . . .
She pulled me,
    fascinated me
       and without end.

    I spent our whole long life together
         in complete awe
             of the simplest things.



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